About Me

self photoI’m a Christian, mother, grandmother, wife and artist. I began my studies of fine arts at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana many moons ago. When I met my husband on the Rome Program in 1980 my first goal was to return to Italy ASAP. To do that, I had to “drop down” from a BFA to a BA. So, I dropped the fine arts degree (I was interested in painting) and switched to Art History/Psychology.  A fine arts degree would have put too many hours in the studio for me to get back to Italy. As it turned out, I never made it back during my undergraduate years but did get married to the love of my life…..Gioacchino and moving to Italy. I don’t regret having put aside my love of creating art for so many years but now that my kids are grown and gone I am slowly working myself into a creative mindset.

I have attempted to paint through the years but to paint (and do art) one needs as few distractions as possible. Unfortunately, with three kids and a lifestyle in which our main meal is at 1 pm did NOT allow me this luxury. After hitting 50, with the kids gone I wanted to begin again. Now, that said, I wanted to paint but I do not have a studio where to place my paints.  (I’m a messy painter) Ergo….paper crafting.

I fell in love with paper crafting quite by accident. While visiting my sister, Judy, in Chicago several years ago I found some beautiful cards made by a friend of hers. I thought it was funny she didn’t send them out because she thought them too beautiful. I believed I could do as good a job and so I set out. My husband was happy that I had something to fill my passion and was happy to fund this hobby as was taking care of his mother in our home. She has dementia but needed some outlet that would allow me to do what I wanted while being near her.

I love manipulating paper and my goal is not just to make fun cards but to make cards that you would want to keep and frame and use as artwork to hang in your home.

I hope you enjoy my work and…if you would like something made to order, just send me a message.




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