Scrapbookin’ baby!

Ok….after a hiatus of 3 months I’m back and as a New Year’s resolution, I have decided to dedicate more time to crafting and keeping up this blog.

Before I left I did some work on scrapbook albums that I made as gifts and some Christmas cards that I had been ordered.

I must admit, I LOVED making the albums. I used the magnificent Graphic 45 papers and Kathy Orta Kings template for the pages. Once I got the hang of doing the pages I was able to embellish more adding some more interactive flip out pages and such. I also made one small change to her binding technique. For the accordion binding, Kathy seems to just use printed cardstock. I noticed that when using the Graphic 45 paper it would tear easily. So, to make it a bit more durable  I lined the back with Tyvek paper and then folded the tabs.  It’s a bit stiffer to turn the pages but at least they aren’t tearing as thy had before. (The first album I had ever attempted without the Tyvek just fell apart in my hands.

Anyway, here are the results:

This first one was a gift for my daughter-in-law’s sister. She had a little boy back in July and I got around to doing the album in September.  This is my third album. I tend to like less decorated covers as the paper is so beautiful in itself…just a bit of embellishment is all that is needed.


I made another album for my own grandson using Mother Goose by Graphic 45 and would you believe I can’t find any pictures of it? I hope I find them. It turned out beautifully.

Next album made was made a week and 1/2 before my departure. Using Graphic 45 Under the Sea, it was a gift for my best friend who winters in Naples. We stopped in to see her for a couple of days.


Glossy Accents used on hair to give definition to strands and to make bubbles.


Sorry about the poor quality of the photos….I need a new camera!

Last album made was for my brother for Christmas. I made this while in the States. Having lost his wife back in March of 2016, I wanted to make an album that he could place cherished photos of their brief life together. She loved flowers but since it’s going in his new home I wanted to make it with a masculine feel to it as well. Graphic 45’s Artisan Style fit the bill perfectly and, as an added bonus, it has peacocks! I remember from my art history days that peacocks are the Christian symbol of resurrection. 🙂20161220_164532

Here I added a flap to the small pull out pages that Kathy Orta King inserts onto a tab cut from the main tab on the binding. It wasn’t laying flat so I inserted the tab into the opening of the page before fixing it to the binding. It worked out much better and I will probably use this on all my other albums.


I used a lot of Glossy Accents on the areas I wanted to pop.




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