Time to get started!


My oldest son and me this past Christmas visiting Romenia…..I miss my boys!IMG_20151227_194620


Well, this is my second attempt to get this blog up and running and I hope it doesn’t arrive at “Three’s a charm”!

The first blog never went up because I had let a few weeks pass after I had signed up and for some stupid reason, never wrote down my user name nor password. I seem to have passwords and UserNames of everything else written on little speech balloon post its (found at Ikea) all over my desk area of my computer but not one for WordPress…..until today.

Anyway….WELCOME ! or as we say in Italy…..Benvenuti! Just a small bit about myself, I live in Italy, in a small medieval town called Gubbio (where we can boast the largest Christmas tree in the world).  I teach English part-time and and am full time caregiver to my Mother in law who has dementia. I had begun my studies in fine arts at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana (yes, next door to ND), but switched to a BA in art history after meeting my husband while on the SMC abroad program in Rome…way back when! After many years and having raised three great sons (all of whom now live and work in the US and of which two are married and the third getting married this summer) I am trying to get my feet wet again into the art world. My husband said he would build me a studio but, alas, with my MIL here that is impossible because I need to be near her (those of us who are caregivers know what I am talking about). Once I’m on a roll of inspiration I do not want to be disturbed for any reason. So…that being said and wanting to “create” I found the wonderful world of Card Making. Here, in my little office/workspace, I can create and hear my MIL when she needs me. This keeps my sane!

Come visit me often….I will feature not only my creations but also give recipes and tips for learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine.

Ciao e a presto!





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